Well, its been a slow journey so far

Here we go, excuse time!

I know I said I was going to get into it, it being TKA, but you know, life got in the way. Or rather work did. Work had been really quiet and I didn’t expect it to get going again until after Xmas, but boy was I wrong! For some reason clients have been on the phone continuously. Still, can’t complain, we might have some money for our Christmas in WA!

Still, I haven’t been completely out of it, I have been working on my keywords, trying to sort and group them as we are taught and I do find that as I travel around to and from jobs my mind is often on finding keywords. I notice an ad in the paper or on TV or radio, or see something in a shop window and think, ah ha, there is another possible niche! I think it is very important to always be on the lookout, to have an open mind to the possibilities. It works for me.

So TKA, I haven’t totally neglected you and I will get back into it seriously over the holidays. I keep thinking, damn, I’me not making use of my free, 30-day trial, but then I think, $33 per month is nothing compared with the value included in the course! And maybe when I start paying for it I will have another incentive to get on with it!

I am also finding that after unsubscribing from all those newletters, feeds, etc I have more time and also better concentration on the things that really matter. De-cluttering my Inbox has been great!



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