Not getting very far!

Oh dear, I am not getting very far with TKA! I have good intentions to do some everyday but life seems to get in the way once again. Oh yes, and work.

I did start on Chapter 3 the other evening but I was just falling asleep at the wheel so wasn’t taking any of it in. I will have some time this weekend so will get through a few chapters then I hope.

Coal Mining & CSG

Meanwhile, I attended a coal mining/coal seam gas rally in Bowral last weekend. We had over 800 people attend to listen to various politicians, land holders and experts warning of the dangers and also talking about the underhanded tactics of some of the companies involved.

I for one am opposed to CSG due to the doubts about the safety of our aquifers, waterways and farmland. At the very least they should be locked out of some of our major farming areas, such as the Southern Highlands, from all urban areas and of course from National Parks and water catchment areas.

Would you believe they have just been given permission to drill in the Illawarra escarpment in water catchment “special area” (thats the Sydney catchment) an area were I am not even allowed to walk or ride a bike in case I damage the water!

Chinchilla, SW QLD, CSG fields (AAP: Supplied)

For information about the Southern Highlands fight against CSG go to Shoo Cockatoo, or Lock The Gate.

I did say I might rant a bit in this blog and this is something I feel strongly about so this probably isn’t the last you will hear about it. If you want to see what can happen if the CSG industry is given free rein just watch the movie Gaslands!

OK, That’s my rant for today.


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