“…we think it will work….”

I love this video, especially the bit with Brad Hazzard, Minister for planning where he states:

“…we’ve done 16months of work on it, we think it will work, give it a go”. Wow, a whole 16months!

And if it doesn’t work, Brad, then what? How do we repair the damage to our water and land? Who pays for the restoration? Well, lets be honest, once the water table is damaged we can’t repair it!

Call to Action – the time is now!

I just don’t get them, it is pretty obvious to a blind & deaf person that people, that is the voters, and an awful lot of them, are directly and completely opposed to CSG and fracking. Put simply, the possibility of it going wrong is too great and the thought of pumping all those chemicals into the ground where a large part of our water supply comes from is just plain ridiculous. And on top of that the amount of water they need to carry out the process is ridiculous as well. And don’t get me started on the the polluted, saline waste water.

Keep up the protests, write to your local members, lobby your councils to declare your regions CSG free. We will continue to fight and we will win!

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