“A huge win for the little guy” – SHCAG wins this one!

The courts have ruled against POSCOE and told them to bugger off (at least for now)! They must have known this was coming, look at their sneaky attempt to access the land late at night when they thought the blockaders would be less vigilant!

Residents celebrate victory in coal case

The judge did not grant the interlocutory injunction which Hume Coal (POSCO) sought to enable them to access Carters Lane for drilling on Robert Koltai’s property.

Congratulations to all involved in the blockade and the work behind the scenes. A special thanks to the legal team!

Still this is only one battle won, the war continues.

But how long can this Government ignore the people (the voters)? Look at the meeting in Lismore, a huge crowd of very angry and scared residents who are coming to the conclusion that activism is the only way to fight this. Listen to this video from 16year old Nicola Shipard, a very emotional plea to secure her future!

16 year old Nicola Shipard pleas with the Minister 

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