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Hi again!

It’s no good I am not going to get anywhere if I don’t do something regularly with this IM stuff. I need to be working on it daily rather than every now and again. To help me do this I am in the process of rearranging the way I run my current IT business and taking back control of my working day. So far it is going well.

I have also moved on and am investigating another program. I am still working through Yaro’s stuff but I missed out on Sally’s program intake. I am still subscribed to Sally and Barry’s blog’s but I am currently investigating affiliate marketing. I have started to work through the free content on Mark Ling’s Affiliorama. Interesting stuff and I think a simpler way to get started with making money online. If it looks worth it I’ll sign up for the initial basic program and work though that.

Of course I now have to listen to a fairly strong Kiwi accent instead of Sally’s wonderful Scottish one, but I always believed that variety is the spice of life and accents are such wonderful things!

Jumping from one program to another doesn’t seem at first to be a good way to go about making money online, but I am finding that it is only once I get started on a program that I really begin to understand it and from there am able to tell if it is for me. I do suggest when investigating programs you first start from recommendations/reviews but most importantly investigate all the free stuff before committing to a paid program. If possible get onto their forums and check out the comments. It is also good to look at some reviews (but be careful as many of the reviews are definitely dodgy) and particularly look for reviews that cover support and how easy it was to get out of a program. When I dropped out of The Keyword Academy I sent them an email asking them to cancel my subscription and I had a reply the next day confirming this and have not been charged since. I am sure some programs will not be this simple to drop out of!

Stay tuned and get started!

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