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Well, it’s been a while again, to use a cliche, “where does the time go”?

After a few months hiatus, it is time to get stuck in again. I have not been doing any IM in recent months for various reasons, but partly due to disillusionment. To be honest, I couldn’t face going back to researching niches and coming up with keyword phrases as per TKA. When I did start looking at IM again, I found that the goalposts had once again been moved (see Google’s Penguin, etc) and I needed to rethink.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, in my rethinking/browsing I came across Barry Wells from the UK who seemed to talk my language and he put me onto Sally Neill (love the accent Sally), so I have been researching and investigating what they have to say. I also came across Yaro Starak, whom I remember from a while back. Between them their blogs and emails have been keeping me busy.

Meanwhile, I have been unsubscribing from all those newsletters, blogs & feeds that seem to accumulate over time to try and clear the decks so that I can make a serious (re)start at IM.

At the moment I feel like one of those people Sally, Barry and many others who have “made it” are always talking about. You know what I mean; dabbled a bit in IM, tried a few systems, maybe signed up for one or two programs, spent some money on courses/mentoring, gone round in circles a few times then gave up! Can you relate to that?

Anyway, I have watched a few of Sally’s videos, read a few of Barry’s blogs and worked through some of their’s and Yaro’s stuff and read some of their e-books and have come to the conclusion that blogging is more my style. I think I may have said it before but I tend to have a lot to say, sometimes useful and interesting sometimes not, depending on where you are coming from and what your interests are. I think my writing style is also well suited to blogging. Now all I need to do is work out what the hell I should blog about! Blogging about a personal passion seems to be the way to go, but what passion? Off the top of my head property (investment) and technology are two of my passions. Making a passive income is another. Now property is a highly specialised field and I have trouble figuring out how to make money from a property blog. Technology is the obvious choice (my working life has been in technology) but there is oh so much competition but so many opportunities for making a buck! Now passive income, this is what we are all after isn’t it? And wouldn’t we love the chance to spend our time writing about this and making money from it?

So that is where I am at. It is very tempting to follow in Sally and Barry’s footsteps and start blogging about IM, they seem to be doing OK, but copying someone else isn’t my style. Although I think it was Sally who said something about it being important for you to blog in your natural style and my style going to be different to theirs, so maybe my style would appeal to a different type of person? Maybe there is an untapped market out there who maybe for one reason or another don’t want to follow the others. maybe they are having trouble with Sally’s accent (note: Sally, maybe some sub-titles in your videos?).

Sorry Sally, I personally love the accent and have no trouble understanding it but when I hear a strong accent like yours it always takes me back to a TV documentary on the English language. They were interviewing a Yorkshire farmer and felt  the need to add subtitles!

Anyway, back to the study. I am working my way through Yaro’s free stuff (highly recommended although becoming a bit dated) and have been reading Sally’s e-books (NewbiesNextChapter & BlogHoppingQueen) and need to do a bit more then I will probably sign up for Sally’s program “Learn with Sally”.

So back to the books & study and I will be back soon!

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