Fracking & CSG

For those of you who know me, you will know that I am not a friend of the CSG industry. In fact I might go so far as to say that I don’t like them or it!

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Protestors make their feeling known

Well, I guess I will have to pull my head in because a report from the UK has told us that it is safe!

Well that has certainly put my mind at rest. In the UK they will put stringent controls in place so that if fracking causes (more) earthquakes, over a certain intensity then they will have to stop immediately. That will certainly put minds to rest in Blackpool where they have already experienced earthquakes caused by fracking. Sorry your house fell down but we have stopped fracking now!

OK, so I am being facetious or is that sarcastic? Both probably.

Down our way, our main concern is protecting our water. The water is stored in the sandstone layers interspersed with the coal and everything else. Typical outcomes of fracking are the collapse of these layers which even to a layman like me spells disaster. But that’s OK, if we put in place measures forcing them to stop if they hit a certain level of damage (like the earthquake controls in the UK). Duh, firstly, how do we measure this and set limits and secondly, won’t it be too late if they have already caused damage?

Again, I am only a layman but surely if any of the layers collapse then we have already caused irreparable damage. And lets not forget that a lot of the area is in the protected Sydney Water Catchment!

And then there is the surface infrastructure. Do we really want to damage the ascetics of what is arguably one of the most beautiful regions in Australia? A region that relies heavily on tourism and has a very successful wine industry. OK, so I cheated, the photo here is of East Kangaloon, but Sutton Forest isn’t so far away and not a lot different (a bit flatter maybe).

Anyway, that’s enough ranting for now. If you live in the Highlands and are concerned make sure you join the SH Coal Action Group and Lock the Gate! Elsewhere, check for your local groups.

OK, so we are facing an energy crisis (?), but CSG is not the answer. As many commentators have said, there is a short term gain from CSG (and a large financial gain for its backers), but is it’s legacy worth it? Get active and lets put a stop to this before it is too late!



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