My first post on my personal blog!

This is my first post on my new personal blog! Wow, I have a domain with my name in it, isn’t that cool?

Who would have thought back in the early eighties when I first started to work with computers that I would one day own my very own computer and then also be able to publish all sorts of nonsense about me on the computer for the whole world to see. Of course “The Internet” wasn’t even in existence then we would have to wait until the nineties for the World Wide Web to really come into it’s own.

What is also incredible is that in the eighties I worked on those “mainframe” computers from IBM that took up whole floors of an office block whereas my computer now is a small MacBook with more processing power than those mainframes had!

So up to now I have had various websites including my main business one, HighComm, my personal WordPress blog, and my first attempt at Internet Marketing, MyVegetableGardenPlanner. Although happy with the HighComm site it has never really grown into the site IĀ envisioned. This is mainly down to my having to learn as I went along. My WordPress blog was easier as it was all set up for me in WordPress. Lastly MyVegetableGardenPlanner was a bit easier as I had some idea of what I was doing and I was helped by the program I was working through

So now I am on my 4th website so I should have some idea of what I am doing right? Well, yes to a certain extent, but although I am using WordPress again (all my websites are built with WordPress) I am using a new theme and have to learn how to use that!

Wo here we go, my very own personal blog! Read on!


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  1. November 20, 2011 at 8:33 am

    Hi Keith! Nice to see you in real WP land here! Don’t forget to delete the “mr wordpress” comment above and change your permalink structure to %postname% to get max seo benefit!

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